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What are my options for cracked, chipped teeth?

Day-to-day use subjects your teeth to constant force and wear, especially if you have a bruxism (teethporcelain veneers encinitas ca grinding) habit. When teeth crack or chip, they look aged and can feel quite sensitive. Covering them with a reliable restoration will solve esthetic and functional issues.

When front teeth sustain damage, we may recommend dental veneers in our Encinitas, CA dental office to restore the look and function of the bite.

Dental veneers, made of brilliant, tooth-colored porcelain, look like natural teeth and fit over the existing tooth structure. A full evaluation and consultation will give you an opportunity to share the ideas you have about your ideal smile with Dr. Ryan Kay.

Dr. Kay will listen carefully to your goals. He will then design veneers for you using models of your teeth to ensure that your teeth bite together correctly.

Some patients prefer a more natural look, while others want an ultra-white appearance to their new smile. Veneers can give you your dream smile with a single treatment option that truly transforms your teeth and makes you look years younger.

To learn more about porcelain veneers, contact our Encinitas dental practice to arrange a consultation with Dr. Ryan Kay.

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