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How do dental implants work?

Dental Implants | Jordan M. Scott, DDSDental implants are one of the most innovative dental treatments because they actually integrate with your bone. This process, called osseointegration, provides exceptional stability and reliability for our patients with missing teeth.

When seeking dental implants in our Encinitas dental office, you can count on a few steps:

Oral evaluation – Dr. Kay will determine if you have enough healthy bone for a dental implant and where it should be located for the best results.

Surgery – Placing your dental implant in the ideal location will result in the best function and esthetics of your final dental implant crown. Dental implant surgery results in little discomfort and most patients recover quickly.

Healing time – Waiting for your implant and bone to fuse together is important before restoring your tooth. This will allow your dental implant to become stable enough to support the force caused by chewing.

Restoration – Placing a custom dental implant crown on your tooth will complete your smile. This is often the most exciting part of treatment for our patients. Your gap will disappear, and your crown will blend in. No one will know that you have a dental implant!

Caring for your implant – You should brush and floss regularly to keep your dental implant healthy.

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